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Collector Car Insurance 

What is Collector Car Insurance?

Classic Car insurance is very similar to regular car insurance, but is often less expensive because the vehicles being insured are not used for every day driving.

There are a number of factors that qualify vehicles for Classic Auto Insurance, including the model year, annual miles driven, and customizations.

Your collector car needs great coverage from an insurance agency that loves cars as much as you do. It only takes a few minutes to find out how much money you can save!

Typical Vehicles That Qualify for Collector Car Insurance

  • muscle cars

  • classic cars

  • antiques

  • exotics

  • street rods

  • customs

  • kit cars

  • Cobra replicas

  • race cars

  • trucks

  • motorcycles

  • military vehicles

  • tractors

  • fire engines

  • restorations in process

additional vehicles we insure
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